Writing: “I really don’t like the way you Kiss”

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In 2008, I was the co-founder and COO of an organization that was educating the world about Orgasm. Yes, orgasm. Born in San Francisco and about to be on the front page of the NYT’s Style section, we were building a curriculum of how to improve your life: Better Sex, Better Communication, Better Self-esteem, and of course, more powerful orgasms. Not only was I was in a leadership role in the business, I was also co-leading the Men’s Program, coaching and teaching courses. I had reached the status of BMOC and was loving it. Women liked me, men wanted to be more like me, and most of all, I had begun to really like who I was.

In addition, I was falling in love with my girlfriend. She was smart, beautiful, sexy, and funny. I would sometimes sit and watch her dress from the sweaty sheets of our bed and marvel on how much she turned me on. She wore beautiful lingerie under well-worn t-shirts, comfy jeans and Doc Martin’s. It wasn’t love yet but it was getting close. It was an adventure to get to know her.

One quiet evening I asked her: “So, what I can do better in our relationship?”

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