Writing: HRC/DT vs. Masculine/Feminine

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The facts: I have already voted for Secretary Clinton and abhor Donald Trump as a politician and a man.
My CV: 17.5 years in self-development. I co-founded OneTaste in 2004, was a lead teacher and coach during my tenure of 10 years, co-founded its Men’s Program and have personally taught thousands of students on intimacy, relationship, and sexuality. I currently produce a podcast, Tuff Love, where I discuss the challenges people face today in their personal lives especially around man-woman dynamics and communication.

My new friend asked me yesterday, “What do you see going on in the world?” We are both coaches, him more successful than I am, and the question was an opportunity for me to show my chops.
I reply:

I’m fascinated by this election not so much in terms of who is going to win but as Donald and Hilary as excellent representatives for what is going on in the world. I see it as a battle between the fear of the masculine due to the rise of the feminine.


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