Interim CFO, Financial, Legal and Operational Support

Services Available

  • Forecasting
  • Optimizing Operations
  • Legal Management
  • Cost-analysis of potential & existing projects
  • Impact of new hires and other HR Functions
  • Bookkeeping

Does this sound familiar? You’ve worked hard to build a small business or perhaps are ready to launch your vision into the world? However, the concepts of setting up books, legal papers, incorporation, makes your creative soul ache. Yet, you know, that this aspect of the business is stopping you from moving forward.

A wise mentor once said, “The first hire should always be a bookkeeper. It is imperative for any small, medium, or large business know intimately their expenses, revenue, and how to improve the bottom line.

CFO’s are executive-level hires and its sometimes cost-prohibitive to hire this role until profits are flowing in the door.

Kandell Consulting’s Interim CFO services are designed to support your company. We can provide the extra set of experienced eyes at a fraction of the cost.

Is your business under-leveraged?
How much return are you getting for every unit of energy you put in?


SumIn the context of business consulting, this simple theorem refers to the concept that your system (i.e. your business) is more than just the people who work for you, your raw materials, your real estate, and your equipment. It is the CONNECTION that exists between them.

Robert Kandell has been studying and teaching communication for over 12 years. He believes communication is the basis of all interactions, both personal and business.

What would happen to your productivity and profitability if the communication increased dramatically in your company?
What if your team was free to say exactly what they saw and thought?
How much money are losing on disconnected staff members?

Services for Team-Building

  • Half and full day Seminars
  • Communication Training
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Management Training

“The Success of the Business is based on the Psychology of the Owner”

~ Anthony Robbins

Client Testimonials

test_BanniganI recommend Robert Kandell as a business coach for entrepreneurs who are pregnant with ideas, talent, and energy.

With a combination of focused presence, deep listening, practical knowledge born of experience, key connections, and a passion his own work, Robert plays the role of a genius midwife for new businesses.

From his experience of managing One Taste from nothing more than an outrageous idea into a several million dollar international business over the course of 15 years, he has made the mistakes it takes to learn the hard lessons of entrepreneurship. He can help you avoid many of those same mistakes, and co-create the road map for your business that can take your dream and make it an attainable project with a list of discrete, viable tasks.

Beyond his business acumen and practical knowledge, he has clearly done a great deal of his own personal work, which allows him to provide support to the emotional rollercoaster and deep psychological growth it takes to create your own business as a thought leader.
~ Bannigan McDade, MA

test_brianeNo matter how stormy and conflicted I feel, when I sit in Rob’s field there’s an instant settling, like I’m moving down beneath the waves.

Eventually I always touch the bedrock of clarity. Rob has worked incredibly hard to develop the ability to have his process feel effortless.

His rare gift is to hold space for me to connect to that deep part of myself that knows. His way is to ask simple questions. In the end I’m left with the satisfying feeling that I came to the right conclusion myself. I came away from my time with him, not only with this clarity but also the map to find my way back. I had internalized his grounded, calm, acceptance of what is.
~ Brian Emerson, Virtual Reality Developer

test_jessicaYou once told me I was a good teacher at a time when I had lost her. And you saw me anyway. Today I held a class of 18 students. I did it well. I am a good teacher. I thought of you and remembered your words. And feel ready to take them in. Thank you
Dr. Jessica Tataro, Sex & Intimacy Coach
test_AndyRoyI have been doing a lot of the trainings for new members of our corporate team. The class is around how we channel our passions into creating wonderful lives for Seniors at the end of their journey. The section I took over used to be a drab 8 hour stretch in the middle of a 4 day required training. I have made it one of the highlights now. As students were leaving and thanking me, I thought of you. Thank you for helping me find my tools for success. I love facilitation and just about everything I do learned from you.
! Andrew Roy, Trainer