1998: I was living the what would be viewed as the American Dream: Married, five-bedroom house in San Francisco, flying up the corporate ladder in a growing Investment firm, happy parents expecting grandchildren, and two cats.


However, I felt intense dis-ease around my life. I was overweight, working 80 hour weeks and growing more distant from my wife. Stressed out, eating poorly and turning out to the poorest version of myself.

Fate intervened with a serious bike accident leading me with a broken collarbone and a serious concussion. I was dazed and out of sorts. The next morning – My firm called me asking me to come in. I realize that this is not a healthy life-balance.

Fast-forward six months: I’m taking self-development courses, switched jobs, started working out and looking to expand my life. In one course, I have an insight that I’m not living my life the way I want. I decide to move away from Corporate America.

Fast-forward five years (2004): I am co-owner of a startup, OneTaste (www.onetaste.us) in SF which teaches singles and couples around the concepts of love, relationship and sexuality. We have a center in SF and a building clientele. We are struggling but continue to morph and grow.


Fast-Forward to March 2009: The New York Times puts us on the cover of the Sunday Style Section. The business blows up. I teach Tim Ferriss our practice for his book: The 4-Hour Body.


Fast-forward to July 2014: Our firm is now a $6mm international firm. I am acting at CFO, CTO and COO with over 20 direct reports while teaching, coaching and doing lectures.

I am again at a dis-ease state. Ulcers are forming, overweight and miserable. People can tell. I talk to my partners and we agree to part ways.

Fast-Forward to Today: I am running my Consulting and Life-Coaching business out of my beautiful office in Woodland Hills (the Valley of LA). I am engaged to an amazing woman, learning to co-parent and have two dogs.


Beyond my consulting business, I have my podcast (www.TuffLove.live) and am working on my first book and creating a speaking career. I am healthy, happy and excited about life.


Curriculum Vitae

1992 Received BSBME (USC)
1994 Received MS Biomed Eng. (Drexel)
1999 Finished Five years in Corp. America
2000 Started Computer Consulting Biz
2004 Co-founded OneTaste
2009 OneTaste featured in NY Times
2014 Left OneTaste
2014 Started Kandell Consulting
2015 Started Tuff Love

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Press Mentions

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