046: Stop Apologizing

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Everyone, including me, does it.

  • ¬†They say “I’m sorry”
  • Your face skews a bit. You wonder “What are you saying you’re sorry for?”
  • Then, you respond “It’s alright, no worries” thinking “Why did I just say that”
  • It’s the unconscious habit of apologizing when there is no apology necessary.
  • Its about your human nature, your being you, you moving throughout this world as the bold adventurer you are. You making “mistakes” or “miscues” is part of this life.

Now, I’m not saying that aren’t times when apologies aren’t appropriate. In fact, I think most people are a bit off in NOT apologizing. But that’s a different call. This call on how we use “I’m Sorry” to block and defend ourselves, to avoid judgment and not fully be our full powerful selves.

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