045: Graceful Breakups with Kelsey Grant

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I mentioned to my friend Connor Beaton that i was looking for some awesome guest hosts for this show and he mentioned his friend Kelsey Grant. We spoke on the phone for just a brief chat and I knew that I was talking with someone who (a) knew their shit and (b) was making a difference in the world. Kelsey is, simply, awesome.

When I asked her about the topic, she titled it “Graceful Endings- Moving Through The Transitions of Breakups”. The title alone just feels good. “Graceful” is a power word especially in the maelstrom of ending a relationship.

I asked her for a quote around what the show will be like and she responded:

“Why we can’t let go…..

  • First, there is a lack of education around how to be with our feelings and emotions…. people often end up defaulting to avoidance or destructive coping mechanisms.
  • The more we numb, distract or avoid the more distant we become with ourselves. The more distant we are with ourselves the more pain we ultimately end up feeling because we are holding our truth (the love, grace and positive acknowledgment) hostage under our pain.
  • To move on and let go gracefully we have to be in intimate contact with who we are because the gold the experience can only be accessed once we are fully connected to ourselves.
  • When we don’t give ourselves permission to be with our pain and everything that arises, we get further and further away from the true source of love that did exist at one point in the relationship, and so we have to keep replaying the relationship over and over and over- which of course keeps us stuck unable to let go and move on.

Completion happens in the vibration of love. “

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