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Interim CFO Services

You are a visionary artist with a great concept for a company.
Your business is getting bigger than you know how to handle.
You are overwhelmed by keeping your books or legal matters.

Kandell Consulting specializes in small companies who need help in the financial, legal and operational aspects of your business.

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Team-Building Consulting

Is your crew expanding past the point of being manageable?
Are you suffering from communication issues? Do you have in-fighting?
Need help implementing the changes you know your firm needs?

We believe communication is the foundation for ALL aspects of your business. We are expert in helping people get along, listen to speak clearly and actively listen, for enhanced productivity.

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Inspirational Talks & Workshops

As a leader, you know that your troop’s morale is key to the success of your business. Yet, you find yourself feeling like you are always pushing the same boulder up that hill. Again and again.

Robert has taught over 400 workshops, 100 lectures and has lead over 2000 groups. His motivating speaking techniques can turn-on your organization.

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