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Two Questions

According to Anthony Robbins, each business MUST have three roles well-covered in order to be successful: (a) The Artist (vision) (b) the Entrepreneur (expansion) (c) the Manager (implementer).

While most small businesses have one, few have them all. Often, the Artist is acting like a manager or the entrepreneur is tasked with making sure everything gets done.

Q1: Do you have a solid manager or are you the Artist filling that role and becoming aggravated by it?

Q2: How well is your business leveraged?

• For every unit of effort you put in, are you getting back results in spades?
• Are you putting in too much effort and not getting enough back?
• Are you leveraging technology?
• Is your team doing the right jobs?

Rob has spent the last 12 years working with literally thousands of people on the charged topics of love, sex, and intimacy with the international company he co-founded, OneTaste.

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Yeah, man.  Lara didn’t need a panel as much as just you.  When you reached for the mic, we knew what we were about to get was the straight, unfiltered answer.  I don’t know if you could tell, but when you talked the crowd was 100% attentive.....  Straight talking truth, man.  That’s all that missing in this global conversation.  I’m doing my best to bring it to every conversation I have with another person and it’s really amazing the power of it.  Preach on, Brother.

- Brad V on Lara Catone's Artemis School Men's Panel